Thank you for considering Reno Harley-Davidson as a possible sponsor for your organization or event.

We get a great amount of requests for donations and sponsorships, and are unfortunately unable to support every single one. To make the distributions fair and to help as many charitable organizations as possible, we request that you complete this form. Please be as detailed as possible.

Also, please note that monetary requests can be submitted once a year and a limited amount of merchandise is set aside for donations. We hope you are aware that we are not able to grant all requests due to such a high volume.

Reno Harley-Davidson will review these requests in a monthly committee meeting. Due to this fact, please submit your request at least 30-days before the donations are needed.

For consideration, requests must be received at least 30 days prior to the event. A maximum of one request per calendar year will be fulfilled per organization. Donations are NOT automatically renewed or assumed. Each submission is evaluated on a first time basis and will not be approved based upon a prior year’s participation.

We appreciate your interest in Reno Harley-Davidson however, due to the large number of requests we receive we’re unable to respond to all requests immediately. If we are interested in sponsoring your event/organization we will contact you via e-mail/phone with follow-up information. Thank you.

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