Covid-19 Update

Come shop with a purpose

We are, hands down, the Hang Out spot for our community. At this time, we would like to limit “Visiting to Browse” and ask that you refrain from using our store as a meetup location to limit discretionary travel and gatherings. Contact us by email, phone or webchat ahead of your visit so we can prep whatever you need in order to make your visit safe and efficient.

We ask that you participate in the following:

Practice Social Distancing

While visiting, please try to keep at least a 6′ distance between yourself, our team members and other customers. We have instructed our team to not shake hands, or physically be in contact with team members and guests. We also ask that you do not lean on the cashier counters and if possible and consider using alternate methods of payment such as Apple Pay.

Be a good shopper

Please refrain from coming into our store if you are not feeling well or sick. Wash your hands frequently. Avoid touching your face. Sneeze or cough into a tissue or the inside of your elbow.

While shopping, if you would like to touch any items for sale, please ask for a shot of hand sanitizer or wash your hands before and after touching any products. This protects you, our team and other customers.

Demo Rides

Demos are available! If you would like to demo a bike, please bring your own helmet, eye protection, gloves and wear long pants. We are not offering loaner gear at this time.

MotorClothes Dept 

At this time, we ask that you do not try on apparel, or riding gear, or accessories including but not limited to helmets, gloves, shirts, etc. We cannot accept any returns at this time. We appreciate your understanding.

Utilize Curbside

Just need one part or a new set of gloves? Dropping off or picking up your bike? Please call ahead and set up an easy curbside experience and you can skip coming inside! Arrange what you need with our crew, then give us a call when you’re outside and we’ll get you taken care of. We can take payment via PayPal to keep your information safe and secure.

Stay home if you are sick

If you are sick or someone in your household is sick, please stay home. We have also instructed our team members to stay home if they feel unwell, are uncomfortable working at this time or need to stay home with children who are out of school and do not have childcare. We’re doing our best to take care of our team and customers and ask you for your help to keep everyone safe.

Thank you,
The Reno Harley-Davidson Team